Monday, August 15, 2005

So, what's happening?

If you keep track of the PyDev cvs, you'll note that there is much more activity recently than usual, so, now that things are already set in motion, let me give you some good news...

PyDev has received some financial support from OctetString (, to make jython editing available in PyDev, so, you can expect PyDev to have Jython support until the end of the month ;-)

Work has already started, and basic support is already implemented (altough it is still not complete)... you can already (in the cvs version) set the project to a jython project, run jython modules and use a basic jython code completion version (still bound to many improvements until the final version), besides all things you can already do with the python editor (aside from refactoring, code coverage and PyLint).

Also, as I've been able to spend more time in PyDev, tons of bug-fixes will also be available for the next release... (especially in the debugger... which may or may not be implemented for Jython depending on time-constrains).

Well, hope you all enjoy it.



1 comment:

Ray said...

That's really great to hear! Thanks for your work on this, Fabio.