Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Eclipse hints

Eclipse is a really nice tool, but to use it effectively, you really need to know it (as you would any other tool, like emacs, vi, etc.).

Well, being so, it is so hard for most people to get away from their known environments to another, specially if you have as many things to re-learn, and it is just really hard to find enough information on how to effectively use such an environment.

As such, I decided I would post some features / uses once in a while, to see if I can help some people to appreciate it more (and maybe even some advanced users might be able to discover something new...)

The first thing is something I discovered this week (yeah, even after so much time using it, I still find out some things -- and later I think, damn, I should have known this before...)

Ctrl+Shift+R - it allows you to choose a resource to open without having to use the navigator, just type its initials (or as wildcards), and it allows you to get there really easy.

Well, see ya.




Charlie said...

I would really like to know how to execute the current python file I am editing with a key shortcut. Right now I right-click->Run As->Python Run. Using the mouse for this gets annoying. Since I switched from emacs I have the emacs key scheme on, which might be conflicting with an existing way to do this.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Well, there is Ctrl+F11, that will re-run your last run.

As for the current, there is no 'easy' one right now, but you can do it only with the keyboard by going Alt+R+S+number for the python run (that's what I use...)



dariaspop said...

I downloaded the latest java and Eclipse. I went to help\software updates\fund install\search for new features

I added as a remote site. Got the package list, selected .9.7 and away we went. I get to pydev_0.9.7.jar and the downloads just hang. Eventually Eclipse asks me if I want to retry.

Any Ideas or is SF just having problems?

Jerad said...

I had the same issue, eventually it will work, it took several hours of trying for me though.

Ritesh Raj Sarraf said...

That's a cool shortcut Fabio. That'd help increase the speed ;-)


Fabio Zadrozny said...

sf was having some problems... you can try the zip version if the updates do not work (the zips are mirrored in many places, unlike the update site, so, it may help a lot)...

M. said...

Is there a shortcut to shift a selected block of lines left or right? PyDev is lovely! Thanks Fabio.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

To shift a selected piece of code, select that code and press tab (shift right) or shift+tab (shift left).