Friday, March 18, 2005

Content assistants

Wow... lot's of things happening in the plugin.

- I've upgraded my local Python to 2.4 and therefore it's support should be better now;

- Addressed some bugs on code completion;

- Decided to allow the user to change colors for decorators -- otherwise, they just don't seem right to me in the screen;

- Added brackets matching, so that they will highlight its pair;

- Added 2 new content assistants that can use the code completion things:

One happens on lines that have the keyword 'class' and that override some other class.

E.g. class Foo(Bar): | Ctrl+1 - gives you option to override all the public interface of Bar. By that, I mean all methods that don't have '_' in the beggining.

Maybe with this one, I'll start to use some Python interface system. I gave a small look at PyProtocols, but still am not sure about it... All I know is that I really miss some of the static checking from Java as the project I'm working on is growing... Not really because of the language, but because of the tools, more specifically, refactoring... Bycicle Repair Man is dead right now, and I don't see any other project doing it for Python... I'm thinking I should roll my own on that, but I want to put PyDev in a state where that's the only thing missing (for me) before doing it...

The other one is in lines with 'def', to override a specific method of a superclass.

class Foo(Bar):
def m| Ctrl+1 - brings all methods from Bar that start with m and provides the completion and a little stub with its arguments and a docstring.

So, keep 'tuned', I think a release should be coming shortly...


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