Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Next release (probably in this or in the next week)

Hi all... just wanted to say that a new release is probably coming out in this or in the next week, to solve some problems that came along with version 0.8.5.

Major problem to be solved:

- Code completion had a packaging problem and because of that, sometimes code completion did not work very well with python 2.4. If you use this version, you can fix that by erasing all *.pyc files that come toghether with the plugin (it seems that a file named inspect.pyc got in the package because of some experiments I was doing and as python 2.4 did not have the source file to recreate it, it seems to hang for a long time... when it did not hang forever)

Some features to the next release (almost ready to go):

- Python 2.4 support: I'm probably going to give limited support for the python 2.4 source, that is, the parser should not complain because of the new decorators syntax (even though, right now it won't be fully aware of it - this depends on some dependencies on python.adsl branch and jython javacc support - but it should at least ignore this kind of errors).

- New PyLint (0.6.0) integration: I've been talking to Sylvain from logilab and most problems I had with PyLint seem to be solved, being so, I'm testing it and I'm probably going to give more support to it in the new version.

Well, that's it... keep tuned!! :-)


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