Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pydev release 1.2.6

Ok, the release is out, and it seems everything is well ;-)

One source of complaints was that some had updated pydev and not pydev extensions, and this was not working well... so, I've taken a look and the problem is that when I specified the pydev extensions plugin, I asked for a 'greateOrEqual' match on the version, when a 'perfect' match is what's needed (otherwise, you could get a bunch of error with accesses to invalid methods, attributes, etc)

So, this is fixed for the next release... but until there, those that use both have to remind to update both.

Now, planning for the other release...

One of the nicest things added in the extensions is probably the rename refactoring (which is out, but still in beta), so, I'll probably try to improve the rename refactoring to include matches on strings and comments, and an option to match 'imprecise matches', so that the user can review other potential matches that the pydev analysis ended up discarding.

On the pydev side, I really wanted to go more for the package explorer... it has one issue that I think is critical (commented on: a previous post), and the way to go is probably recreating all the resource-based actions myself... as this can be tricky, I'm not sure it'll be available for the next release...


demetrios said...

This plug-in is fantastic. It would be nice however if there were a version for IntelliJ too, since it has much more and powerful refactorings and smarter code support than Eclipse. Even more, for open souce development IntelliJ is free.

Also, many users wouldn't mind at all if the plug-in would be commercial (e.g. as your pydev extension).
At the moment there's a only a very primitive Python support in the form of a plug-in in IntelliJ:PythonID
so a plug-in like pydev should be a real success.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Since updating to 1.2.6 (pydev only, no pydev extensions), the PYTHONPATH seems to not be set according to the project settings before pylint runs.

The source folders are set up in my project to include all of the modules that end up in the python path at runtime. This used to work fine, and pylint could find all of the modules in these additional folders.

Now, since updating to 1.2.6 (on two different machines), pylint reports errors that it can't find modules that are in directories specified in the source folders and external source folders for the project.

Am I right that pydev should set the PYTHONPATH according to the project settings before running pylint? Or am I just confused.


Fabio Zadrozny said...

Yes, you're right about pylint, that's a bug... I've just fixed it in the cvs (hope to release it this week).



André said...


I'm trying to use pydev on a project referring numpy, pyopengl and a lot of other libraries. My project runs fine and everything, however pydev reports errors that some of the types cannot be resolved. For instance pydev cannot resolve float32. Can this be because whichever library defines float32 (my guess is PyOpenGL) gets it from a dll file? Is there a way to make pydev find this information so I can get rid of the warnings?

Thanks for pydev and help in advance!

Fabio Zadrozny said...

The opengl stuff works for me...

Is the module OpenGl set for you in the forced builtins?

Can you give some example code that has the problems (also, check your error log)...

Another thing... I think we should continue this in the sourceforge forum: as it could help more people there...