Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pydev 1.3.2 is out

A couple of features were adedd:

- Backspace is now indentation aware (I know some people have been waiting for that for some time).

- When having multiple editors opened with the same file, they will all share the same underlying parser (which is a nice optimization for this case).

Also, a number of bugs have been fixed... no worries here... there's still no risk of running out of bugs -- but at least, they keep on getting more elaborate ;-)

Current stats say that there are 16 still open (out of 478 already reported), but from those, some are open just as reminders (because they are out of the pydev scope, and depend on a solution at eclipse, java, python, etc). I'm not sure if it's better the way it is or if a known bugs should be somewhere... still, they should be around somewhere where users can find them easily (maybe the faq is a nice place for those).

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Srikanth said...

Hi Fabio,

Great job man! really fantastic!! I'm seeing Eclipse becoming the no. 1 IDE for Python cause of your awesome, every improving plug-in.

I started using PyDev from 1.2.6 and the one thing I noticed is it's always improving *frequently* thanks to you and your new partner Aleks Totic. I loved the customization option for syntax coloring. Just wanted to appreciate you guys for the superb work :-)

Keep going and I'm hoping to join soon...