Friday, May 20, 2005


Hi all... just to keep you up-to-date...

right now, I'm planning a way to better configure the pythonpath.

I'm thinking about having:
- System libs, configured together with the python interpreter;
- Source folders, for each project
- Project references for another project (and thus getting its source folders in the pythonpath)
- External libs (not part of system nor any project).

The system libs part (gui) is almost ready... in cvs it should already be working, but you cannot do much with it right now :-)

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Bianca said...

Oi Fabio,
Eu procurei no Google a palabra "PYTHONPATH" e acabei caindo no seu blog. Loucura, né? Achar um primo assim tão por acaso, eu aqui nos EUA e você em Florianópolis.