Thursday, November 04, 2004

Release 0.8.0

And yes... it's out!!

I'm waiting for bug notes for this one... (next version should be 1.0)

And I'm also looking forward to know where (and how) is pydev being used... (you could post it here if you want to)...

You know... if it is not being used, why should it be continued?!?


filmil said...

Well yes -- of course it's being used. I only re-discovered it recently: I've been putting hopes into trustudio, having come by pydev in the days of its early infancy and deciding at the time that it was not yet ready.

So I turned to TruStudio, who seem to have now dropped their Python focus for developing more for PHP.

Taking a second look at pydev, I found out about 0.8.0. And tried it. And loved it at first sight.

Great work. Congratulations.

Geoff said...

I didn't see any support for a Python view or creating a Python project. Am I missing something?


Fabio Zadrozny said...

No, no new Python project, just create a simple project and a python file, when you open it, it should be already binded with pydev (if not, you have to do it in windows->preferences->workbench->file associations).

This way, you can use it in java projects, c++, etc.