Thursday, June 11, 2020

PyDev 7.6.0 (Python 3.8 parsing fixes and debugger improvements)

PyDev 7.6.0 is now available for download.

This release brings multiple fixes to parsing the Python 3.8 grammar (in particular, dealing with f-strings and iterable unpacking had some corner cases that weren't well supported).

Also, the debugger had a number of improvements, such as:
  • Grouping variables which were previously hidden -- note that they can be hidden/shown when debugging from the variables view dropdown menu as shown in the screen below:

  • Better support for PySide2;
  • Show the disassembly of frames when sources aren't available:

Besides those, there were a number of other improvements... some noteworthy are support for the latest PyTest, faster PyDev Package Explorer, type inference for type comments with self attributes (i.e.: #: :type self.var: MyClass) and properly recognizing trailing commas on automatic import.


Thanks to Luis Cabral, who is now helping in the project for doing many of those improvements (and to the Patrons at which enabled it to happen).

Thanks for Microsoft for sponsoring the debugger improvements, which are also available in Python in Visual Studio and the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code.