Thursday, August 25, 2005

Jython debugger?

Yeap, almost there...

A new release should be out next week (probably on monday), enabling jython to be debugged in Pydev, ending a moth with lot's of progress for pydev.

So, I hope you all enjoy, and thanks to those that reported bugs in pydev with the jython integration.



Saturday, August 20, 2005

New release and Jython integrated!

Hi all,

yesterday I did an early release of the jython integration (a final should come shortly after). Until now, only 2 bugs were discovered... One regarding spaces, in the jython.jar or on the java location and another regarding jython 2.2a1, that does not display all code completions correctly... aside from that, it seems everything is ok...



Monday, August 15, 2005

So, what's happening?

If you keep track of the PyDev cvs, you'll note that there is much more activity recently than usual, so, now that things are already set in motion, let me give you some good news...

PyDev has received some financial support from OctetString (, to make jython editing available in PyDev, so, you can expect PyDev to have Jython support until the end of the month ;-)

Work has already started, and basic support is already implemented (altough it is still not complete)... you can already (in the cvs version) set the project to a jython project, run jython modules and use a basic jython code completion version (still bound to many improvements until the final version), besides all things you can already do with the python editor (aside from refactoring, code coverage and PyLint).

Also, as I've been able to spend more time in PyDev, tons of bug-fixes will also be available for the next release... (especially in the debugger... which may or may not be implemented for Jython depending on time-constrains).

Well, hope you all enjoy it.



Friday, August 05, 2005

Java 1.4 support for Pydev

Well, it seems that having 5.0 code to compile to 1.4 classes is not possible in the Eclipse structure (I wish eclipse build gave me hint earlier about it, as I would not have spent so much time on that... but such is life, hum?)... details are on bug

I did some googling after that, and it appears that altough eclipse does not support it, there is a project that claims it can be done (, so, I'll check it later to see if it really does what it claims (especially within the huge infrastructure I need to have to do a single build with the eclipse tools).

So, shortly, java 1.4 may not be supported for some time...



Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pydev problems with java 1.4 compatibility

Well, I've done a release in the zip format to support java 1.4, but it seems eclipse is 'no-no' for it...

Apparently, everything is ok, but the build does not work with java 1.4. I posted a bug about it in the eclipse bugs at (link is: I tried doing the build in many ways and eclipse just won't obey me... probably I'm doing something pretty stupid, but I just ran out of options for it...

So, pydev support for java 1.4 is blocked until that bug is solved.