Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Focus for next releases

I've been thinking about on what's the next thing to focus on pydev, and I think it'll be in usability, aiming for those starting up with pydev for the first time...

Many say that Eclipse has a steep learning curve... If you're a first-timer, it may be true if you don't try to get some help (the tutorial at fabioz.com is something you really shouldn't skip if you're using pydev for the first time)... still, I think that the learning curve to master pydev (and Eclipse) is not as steep as for mastering vi or emacs...

Also, I've seen many people go from vi/emacs to pydev (extensions) and be more productive in a short time (like a month or two, which is not so much for users that used vi/emacs for more than 3-4 years).

Ok, I guess I deviated a little from the topic ;-)

So, the focus for the next releases will be on usability and getting python 2.5 on pydev.