Monday, January 26, 2009

New Pydev repository location

Hi All,

The new subversion location for Pydev is now:

Along with that change, the actual structure of things changed to conform to the other projects at Aptana (Pydev had flat structure containing all the plugins in the root level, and now it has a structure with 'features', 'plugins' and 'builders' and each plugin is in one of those folders).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pydev 1.4.2

Ok, the Pydev 1.4.2 is just out.

The major feature this release has been long awaited: each project can now have a different configured interpreter.

As a result of that change, some internal structures will have to be recreated. So, right after upgrading it's expected that Pydev will do some processing to make that right, and now, it has to gather the information for all the interpreters, and not only for the current one, so, be a bit patient while it does that (it'll do that just once).

Also, many fixes were made available, so, upgrading is really reccommended.