Monday, October 27, 2008

Pydev 1.3.23 and 1.3.24

Yes, that's right, 2 new releases were done.

Basically, 1.3.24 fixes a major bug in Pydev, related to the debugger (it was halting on some cases and Jython was not working because a dependency on itertools was added).

I think that the major highlight in 1.3.23 is the possibility to debug multiple processes at the same time in the remote debugger (yes, it only supported one at a time), so, if you're spawning multiple processes, that should help a bit :)

Another fix was an incompatibility with the update manager of Eclipse 3.4... It should be backward compatible, but apparently, because the Pydev update site contained some really old versions, after installing Pydev, no other plugins could be installed! -- something related to getting the dependencies wrong in the new Eclipse update manager.

Aside from that, this release had lots of minor bugs fixed, so, upgrading is highly recommended!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pydev Subversion @ Aptana

I think it's already widely publicized that Pydev is now a part of Aptana, and the last release is starting to mark that integration: the source is now available at the subversion hosted by Aptana.

The basic info to get it is:
There are detailed instruction on how to get/build it at:


Pydev 1.3.22

This Pydev release was focused mostly on bug-fixes, with many minor things being done. It fixed that nasty bug related to handling __all__ incorrectly together with a bunch of others.

I think that the only feature added that's worth mentioning is a mode where you can have Pydev analyze only your current editor (this enables builds to happen faster, as less work is needed when building the project, so, it can increase your performance a bit at the cost of having the markers added only to open editors). To activate it, go to window > preferences > Pydev > Builders and check 'Only analyze open editors'.

Note that doing so will not remove existing markers, and will be available for new analysis (the markers may be removed by right-clicking a folder and choosing "Pydev > Remove error markers"). Also, this feature is still in beta, so, please report any bugs found when using it.