Friday, July 06, 2018

PyDev 6.4.3 (code formatter standalone, debugger improvements and f-strings handling)

The latest version of PyDev is now out...

Major changes in this release include:

1. Being able to use the PyDev code formatter as a standalone tool.

To use it it's possible to install it as pip install pydevf (the command line is provided as a python library which will call the actual formatter from PyDev -- see the README at for more details on how to use it).

The target of the PyDev formatter is trying to keep as close to the original structure of the code while fixing many common issues (so, it won't try to indent based on line width but will fix many common issues such as a space after a comma, space at start of comment, blank lines among methods and classes, etc).

2. Improvements to the debugger, such as:
  • Thread creation is notified as threads are created instead of synchronized afterwards.
  • Support for using frame evaluation disabled by default as it made the debugger much slower on some cases.
  • Fixed case where breakpoint was missed if an exception was raised in a given line.
  • Properly break on unhandled exceptions on threads.
  • Add missing import which affected repl with IPython.
  • Fix for case where breakpoints could be missed.

As a note, the debugger improvements have been sponsored by Microsoft, which is in the process of using the PyDev Debugger as the core of ptvsd, the Python debugger package used by Python in Visual Studio and the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code (note that it's still marked as experimental there as it's in the process of being integrated into ptvsd).

 It's really nice to see pydevd being used in more IDEs in the Python world! 😉

Besides those, there are some bugfixes in handling f-strings and sending the contents of the current line to the console (through F2).

Also, a new major version of LiClipse (5.0) is now also available (see: for how to get it). It includes the latest PyDev and a new major Eclipse release (4.8 - Photon).