Thursday, May 05, 2016

PyDev 5.0.0: PyUnit view persists state across restarts, Java 8 now required

PyDev 5.0.0 is now available for download.

The major feature in this release is that the PyUnit view will now persist its state across restarts ( personally, I find this pretty handy as I usually try to leave a failing test to be solved so that I know where I stopped ).

Also, this release requires Java 8 to be used ( if you need an older version, you can access the update site for older versions at: ).

As a note, if you're unsure on how to update your system java vm  ( or it's not possible to ), you can dowload a .tar.gz version from, extract it somewhere and point Eclipse to use it following the info from: ( or just use LiClipse, which has the latest PyDev bundled for a hassle-free installation with many extra goodies ).

See: for more details on this release ( as a note, PyDev 4.6.0 was previously released with the same contents, but was re-released under 5.0.0 to signal the major change on the required Java VM ).