Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PyDev crowdfunding basic funding reached!

The initial target of the crowdfunding for PyDev has been reached. Thank you everyone who helped in reaching that target!

Now, please don't stop sharing and helping it get to the higher proposal levels (having more there will enable more things to be done).

Also, I've had some people ask me privately on how things will proceed afterwards... well, with this funding, I'll be able to work in PyDev for the upcoming year, so, during that time I'll create a structure so that people that like it can keep supporting it so that it can move forward year after year.

Also, I hope LiClipse itself turns out to be successful, as the idea is that earnings in LiClipse will also help in getting PyDev going on -- if things turn out pretty well, I'll probably be able to get more people to help there too :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PyDev crowdfunding / LiClipse initially supported languages

Right now (30+ days elapsed on the funding), things are looking good, the PyDev/LiClipse funding already got to 70% of its target (with 354 supporters). Thank you everyone! Please keep sharing about it ;) (http://igg.me/at/liclipse)

On the PyDev side, the new tracker is still not up, but I'm working on it (so, please buffer your requests until the tracker is up... I'll provide proper links once that's done).

Regarding the initial languages to be supported in LiClipse, I'm sharing below the results of the poll so far (note: only languages with more than 15 answers are shown).

python 152
javascript 106
html 98
css 93
django templates 70
cython 53
c++ 47
c 39
jinja2 37
java 33
coffescript 27

On the total there were 50 languages voted. There was one I didn't even know about (the Ren'Py language http://www.renpy.org/ ).

I'll still leave the poll there until the end of the funding (vote on poll) to decide on the initial supported languages, but note that even if a language is not initially there, I'll put up proper docs and provide support so that anyone should be able to easily add a language there ;)

Thursday, April 04, 2013

PyDev / LiClipse funding (and initially supported languages)

Ok, 20 days on the crowdfunding elapsed and the funding is already at 57% (with 258 funders)! So, the funding is going pretty well so far. Thank you everyone!

Also, I'd like to give special thanks for the current Silver sponsors (http://holdenweb.com - http://kichwacoders.com) and the Bronze sponsor (http://wobe-systems.com).

Still seeking Gold and Platinum sponsors though... so, if there's a company that is a heavy user of PyDev -- or maybe the future LiClipse -- and would like some space in the PyDev / LiClipse homepage...

Also, I've put up a poll on google docs to help in deciding which will be the languages supported initially in LiClipse. You can vote at: LiClipse Languages Poll.

Note that I still have not put up a new tracker for PyDev itself (but I'm working on that).