Friday, January 10, 2020

PyDev 7.5.0 Released (Python 3.8 and Cython)

PyDev 7.5.0 is now available for download.

The major changes in this release are Python 3.8 support and improved Cython parsing.

Python 3.8 should've been in 7.4.0 (but because of an oversight on my part during the build it wasn't, so, this release fixes that).

As for the Cyhon AST, Cython is now parsed using Cython itself (so, it needs to be installed and available in the default interpreter for PyDev to be able to parse it). The major issue right now is that the parser is not fault tolerant (this means that for code-completion and code-analysis to kick in the code needs to be syntax-correct, which is a problem when completing for instance variables right after a dot).

Fixing that in Cython seems to be trivial (, but I'm still waiting for a signal that it's ok to add that support to make Cython parsing fault-tolerant.