Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Eclipse hints

Eclipse is a really nice tool, but to use it effectively, you really need to know it (as you would any other tool, like emacs, vi, etc.).

Well, being so, it is so hard for most people to get away from their known environments to another, specially if you have as many things to re-learn, and it is just really hard to find enough information on how to effectively use such an environment.

As such, I decided I would post some features / uses once in a while, to see if I can help some people to appreciate it more (and maybe even some advanced users might be able to discover something new...)

The first thing is something I discovered this week (yeah, even after so much time using it, I still find out some things -- and later I think, damn, I should have known this before...)

Ctrl+Shift+R - it allows you to choose a resource to open without having to use the navigator, just type its initials (or as wildcards), and it allows you to get there really easy.

Well, see ya.



Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New release... (0.9.7)

Hi, I've finally been able to make it work.

I had an old install of java 1.4, and apparently, the build was not using my workspace nor project settings, but this old version (don't know why, as I removed all traces from within eclipse) was not letting it work, anyway, after removing all 1.4 related installation from my system and installing the 1.5 jre (not only the jdk), I've been able to compile it and make the release.

It is mainly bug-fixes... I hope it works, as most problems were in linux, and I don't have a linux box to test it...



Monday, July 25, 2005

Eclipse and java 1.5

This weekend, I decided I would upgrade PyDev to use java 1.5...

So, I got the latest java from sun, added it and started to use some of its new features (I think that the new java 1.5 features are really great).

Everything went smoothly, running, debugging, etc, until I tried to do the new release (after I coded with it for quite some time).

Eclipse gives me a report saying that it cannot build because of a compliance error. Namely: "Compliance level '1.4' is incompatible with source level '1.5'. A compliance level '1.5' or better is required". So, either I'm doing something really stupid or it's an Eclipse bug... I reported it in Eclipse (, and I'm waiting for some response...

You know, this might delay the 0.9.7 release if I cannot get around it (or I'll have to re-fix the code to remove java 1.5 features)...



Sunday, July 24, 2005

Week notes, 0.9.6 and 0.9.7...

Well, this week the 0.9.6 release was the highlight, and with it, came some nasty bugs, mainly in linux.

As you guessed, I don't have a linux box to test it... so, is someone there that would be willing to test the code against a linux install with the cvs before I do a release?

Well, anyway, most bugs are apparently fixed (in the cvs), and 0.9.7 should come out on monday because of these bug-fixes...(if I'm able to get enough time to do it)

Windows also had some minor bugs (print margin), that also seem fixed...

Also, I changed the feature name, and that caused lots of problems (in both platforms)... well, I changed it back, so, those upgrading it should uninstall the previous versions (I'll put a note in the pydev homepage, but there is always someone that does not read it before upgrading... most people wait for it to crash and only then go look for the install notes...)

Well, see ya...


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Partitioning in eclipse

Just spent a good time making the partitioning for pydev, and just got it right after I read

So, I guess I will release 0.9.6 in a short time, because now the bug that really was annoying me is solved (the colors for comments and literals were not there anymore, and only sometimes), after a lot of digging, I discovered that the partitioning sometimes was being overriden (and the link above solved my problems)...



Saturday, July 16, 2005

Where to store the interpreter data

Well, currently data for the interpreter is stored at a preference store.

I made up a InterpreterPreferencesPage and just convert from the interpreter data to its serialized form and vice-versa, using the preference store for it (you can even see a huge nonsense string if you go to help->about->configuration details -- that's its serialized string).

This is good so far, but if later more data is stored here, we will need to get somewhere else to store it, probably using the plugin instance to get it (apparently with 'getStateLocation') - according to this article:

Friday, July 15, 2005

Still not there

Well, just found out that making the kind of dependency in the previous post also does not work! I'll have to take one of the other options...

Eclipse 3.1... a long way to go...

Well, sad story...

I do many things with reflection, and for doing so, the classloader must be able to reach those classes. In eclipse 3.1, classes can only access classes that are within the plugin-runtime environment, so, this plugin was done with dependencies on all plugins, so that it can be used by those plugins

If this is not done (if it didn't have those dependencies), some simple things would fail, such as deserializing a class from another plugin (in my case, this was org.python.pydev.ui.pythonpathconf.InterpreterInfo in a method that de-serialized it -- getObjAsStr), because it could not access those classes (Serializing works ok).

As I didn't want to add dependencies to the org.python.pydev.core plugin, I created this plugin (org.python.pydev.coreutils), that must be dependent on the plugins that intend to use it because of all that reflection things...

Maybe it could be a separate dll, or those classes could be copied for each plugin, but this works and does not seem to give more problems, so, I'm keeping it for now!



Saturday, July 09, 2005

Supporting eclipse 3.1

Well, I've been kind of too busy lately, so, pydev is more in the background for me, but I've already started doing some work to port it to 3.1 (and I've even received some patches to do it)...

Well, right now, with received paches and some minor adjustments, it seems everything but the debugger works with 3.1, so, the debugger is what is missing for completing the new release...



Friday, July 08, 2005

making wizards in eclipse

making wizards in eclipse

Saturday, July 02, 2005

0.9.5 release

Yeap, it's out already -- for some days now :-)

Many bug-reports fixed on that one. Still didn't have time to switch to 3.1 also, so, it is still not currently supported.