Wednesday, November 29, 2017

PyDev 6.2.0: Interactive Console word wrapping, pytest hyperlinking

PyDev 6.2.0 is mostly a bugfix release, although it does bring some features to the table to such as adding the possibility of activating word-wrapping in the console and support for code-completion using the Python 3.6 variable typing.

Another interesting change is that pytest filenames are properly hyperlinked in the console (until now PyDev resorted to mocking some functions of pytest so that when it printed exceptions it used the default Python traceback format -- now that's no longer done).

See: for complete details.

p.s.: Thank you to all PyDev supporters -- which enable PyDev to keep on being improved!

p.s.: LiClipse 4.4.0 already bundles PyDev 6.2.0, see: for download links.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

PyDev 6.1.0: dealing with blank lines in code formatter

PyDev 6.1.0 is now available for download. The major change in this release is in the code formatter, which can now deal with adding or removing blank lines so that code can properly conform to pep-8, besides having a number bugs fixed (see http:/// for more details).

Now, why use the PyDev code formatter at all when there are so many other options available? (i.e.: autopep8, yapf, PythonTidy -- and autopep8 is even already included by default in PyDev) 

Well, the PyDev code formatter is unique in that it tries to do as few changes as possible to the code, so, it tries to conform to the coding format that the programmer uses, just fixing few (usually obvious) issues, such as spaces after comma, spaces in comments, operators or right-trimming lines, with an option to actually only fix only the lines actually changed.

-- for actually changing the indentation of statements or comments, PyDev has options which can be manually activated, such as wrap or unwrap statement -- through Ctrl+1, wrap statement or Ctrl+1, unwrap statement in the line which has the contents to be wrapper or unwrapped or Ctrl+2, w to wrap comments -- see:

Also, the PyDev code formatter is pretty fast, so, I don't have issues in letting the option to autoformat on save turned on (speed is the main reason why I added such a feature to the PyDev code formatter instead of going with autopep8 or integrating another code formatting tool).

So, that's it, enjoy!

p.s.: Thank you to all PyDev supporters -- -- which enable PyDev to keep on being improved!

p.s.: LiClipse 4.3.1 already bundles PyDev 6.1.0, see: for download links.