Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Python profiler UI

So, I wanted to show what I have so far on the profiler front.

Below is its main UI (on a dark palette -- kudos to Qt which makes this pretty easy to do):

The tree shows the attached processes and the CPU tab shows data for the CPU from the process which is being analyzed.

Based on that, it's possible to select a timeframe where stack info is shown (in this case the profiler is analyzing itself). Clicking on a stack opens an internal editor (which can only view the file so far) at the proper place (but the idea is that in the future it'll open the editor in your preferred editor/IDE).

It's possible to start/stop the sampling and the stacks can be grouped either by line or by methods.

Another thing (which is also still incomplete) is provide a view which will show a profile session view graphically... Below is a snapshot of the work on that front so far.

The work is still very much in the beginning, but the sampling view should be usable already -- the plan is to release  the first builds some days after the crowdfunding finishes... thank you to all who are helping to make this possible: