Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pydev 1.3.7 and 1.3.8

Well, I didn't blog about 1.3.7 before -- and now 1.3.8 is already out ;-)

Both releases are pretty much focused on bug-fixing, solving some issues regarding the integration with Eclipse 3.3 and java 1.6.

Other noteworthy things are:

The code-completion engine uses some more heuristics for type inference (together with some other approaches -- which are pretty much the same thing). So, the following is now considered:
- Python: assert isinstance(xxx, Class)
- PyProtocols: adapt(obj, Class)
- Zope: assert Interface.implementedBy(obj)

And the Pydev Extensions Code-Analysis now detects mixing of tabs/spaces.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Problems in pydev 1.3.6

Ok, there have been some reports of errors in 1.3.6

It's still the same error that should be actually fixed in 1.3.6 -- the builtins completions are not always there (and another problem that seems related to mylyn).

This should be fixed in the next release (which should be out in the beggining of the next week -- together with the integration for mylyn and support for eclipse 3.3).

So, if possible, it's reccomended to keep with Eclipse 3.2.x and pydev 1.3.4 until that release comes out.