Wednesday, April 12, 2017

PyDev 5.7.0: PyLint integration and Jython debugging

PyDev 5.7.0 is now out. Among the major changes in this release is a much improved PyLint integration and a fix to the debugger which prevented it from working with Jython.

The major change on the PyLint integration is that now instead of doing it as a builder within PyDev (which would act on any file changed), PyLint uses the same structure that the PyDev code analysis uses.

This means that by default it'll run only on open files (so, it will run less frequently), while still being able to ask for a full analysis on all files below a folder.

Also, using Ctrl+1 on a line with PyLint errors will provide an option to ignore the PyLint error (in the same way it could already ignore a PyDev code analysis error) and if the same error is reported by PyDev and PyLint in the same line, only the one from PyDev will be shown.

-- has more details on the changes.

Besides this, there were improvements using the assign parameters to attributes (which will no longer add assignments already available) and when there's already a docstring available in a method, an option to update the docstring to add the missing parameters is now presented (both actions are accessible through Ctrl+1 on a function def line).

Other changes may be seen at:, where full release notes are available.

LiClipse 3.6.0 is already out with the integrated changes.

Thank you very much to all the PyDev supporters and Patrons (, who help to keep PyDev moving forward!