Wednesday, March 21, 2018

PyDev 6.3.2: support for .pyi files

PyDev 6.3.2 is now available for download.

The main change in this release is that PyDev will now consider .pyi (stub) files when doing type inference, although there's still a shortcoming: the .pyi file must be in the same directory where the typed .py file is and it's still not possible to use it to get type inference for modules which are compiled (for instance PyQt).

I hope to address that in the next release (initially I wanted to delay this release to add full support for .pyi files, but there was a critical bug opening the preferences page for code completion, so, it really couldn't be delayed more, nevertheless, the current support is already useful for users using .pyi files along .py files).

Also, code completion had improvements for discovering whether some call is for a bound or unbound method and performance improvements (through caching of some intermediary results during code completion).


Thursday, March 01, 2018

PyDev 6.3.1 (implicit namespace packages and Visual Studio Code support)

The major change in this release is that PyDev now recognizes that folders no longer require files to be considered a package (PEP 420).

Although this is only available for Python 3.3 onwards, PyDev will now always display valid folders under the PYTHONPATH as if they were packages.

There were also some improvements, such as recognizing that dlls may have a postfix (so that dlls for multiple versions of Python may be available in the same folder) and a number of bugfixes (see: has more details).

Besides those, a good amount of work in this release was refactoring the codebase so that PyDev could also be available as a language server for Python, to enable it to be used on Visual Studio Code (, so, Visual Studio Code users can now also use many of the nice features on PyDev ;)