Tuesday, July 07, 2015

PyDev 4.2.0 released (improved searching and type inference)

PyDev 4.2.0 is out now.

This release improves the Python search capabilities to use Lucene indexes, which makes the searching faster.

This also means that actions which depend on searches such as the search for references (Ctrl + Shift + G) and hierarchy view (F4) became much faster as a result.

Also, the searches now have an improved results page which allows matches to be flattened and grouped by project, folders and modules. Also, the results page now allows additional filtering based on the module name.

As a note, LiClipse 2.2.0, also supports Lucene based searching now, adding support for searching other languages.

Also, this release continues on the path of improving code-completion when unpacking compound types (such as dicts, tuples, sets...), which should be really good now (but if I still missed some use-case, please report it to https://sw-brainwy.rhcloud.com/tracker/PyDev/).

This release also includes some bug-fixes, including a critical issue (which affected Linux users) which could lead to high CPU usage when using the vertical indent guides (see http://pydev.org for more information on the bug-fixes).

To finish, a special thanks to all the PyDev supporters (it definitely wouldn't be possible to keep PyDev going without your help -- for those that want to help supporting it, please access the related links at http://pydev.org).


  1. tjohnson6:04 PM

    It appears to me that this version of PyDev is lacking an important feature, the capability to perform regular expression searches. Could you please tell me if I am correct, and if so, if this is only temporary?

  2. Right now you're correct... for regexp you still have to use the regular file search (which is builtin to Eclipse).

    I still haven't made my mind on whether to support it though, as such a search wouldn't be able to benefit from the index (anyways, I may end up adding it for completeness -- and because the search result page is better -- but it'd have the same speed as the regular file search).

  3. tjohnson4:41 AM

    Thanks Fabio, I hadn't understood before that the regular file search can be used for a PyDev project. Now that I do, I agree that it isn't necessary for PyDev to support regexp searches.

  4. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I was attempting to get a few questions asked regarding aptana and pydev but i don't seem to see any forums that are actually accessible (allow to post) and the last post seems to be in 2013.

    Is my assumption correct that there is no more community discussions?


    I was specifically looking to get a way to use virtualenv with aptana. Currently it's not using the specified virutalenv.

  5. Well, Aptana has an old/unsupported version of PyDev integrated with it... You can try their bugtracker: http://jira.appcelerator.org/browse/APSTUD to check when/if they'll upgrade it.

    Regarding virtualenv, if you activate the virtualenv in a shell and start Aptana from the shell, you should be able to configure the Python interpreter (in the preferences) even with that older version...

  6. Anonymous1:21 PM


    thanks for the reply and the update on pydev and aptana.

    - What would you recommend as an alternative to aptana which the most recent version of pydev? https://eclipse.org/ide/ ?
    - Could you direct me to the best resource for instructions in how to activate aptana through command line?

    just started using aptana so trying to get al the help resource available.


  7. Well, my recommendation is for using LiClipse: http://www.liclipse.com/ as it has the latest PyDev builtin and has support for javascript, html, django templates, etc (although it's commercial).

    Otherwise, plain Eclipse works well for PyDev (but if you need other editors from Aptana you also need to find alternatives).

    Regarding activating it from the command line it should be just a matter of calling the Aptana executable from your shell.

  8. Saddy8:42 AM

    I've noticed that the interactive PyDev console has become extremely slow. It takes seconds to type/remove characters. Has this something to do with the unpacking of compound types on code completion? Can this be disabled?

  9. Hi Saddy,

    Shouldn't be slower because of that... the console completion asks requests to the console and doesn't use the paths related to context-sensitive code-completion (so, that shouldn't be it). Also, I can't reproduce it here.

    It may be something specific to your use-case... please report that at the PyDev tracker (and please also add details from your error log -- see http://www.pydev.org/faq.html#PyDevFAQ-HowdoIReportaBUG%3F ).

    Please add details on your configuration too.

  10. Saddy3:53 AM

    Done. It's ID 603.